How Much Does A Vet Tech Make: Discover the Annual Pay

How Much Does A Vet Tech Make: Discover the Annual Pay

Do you need answers about how much does a vet tech make in a year? In this blog post, we’ll break down the earnings in the veterinary industry. 

Vet tech salary will be based on your field of specialization, location, years of experience, and various other factors, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics. You should be proficient in helping certified veterinarians conduct medical tests and diagnose animals’ injuries and illnesses. Plus, ready to work with pet owners to maintain a high quality of life for their pets.

In most metropolitan areas, the least vet tech salary per annum is $50,340. You’ll be eligible for this kind of salary if licensed by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards. They’re the board in charge of organizing credentialing VTNE exams. If you want to work in a state with the most veterinary technicians, you should try Texas.

There is also a projected job growth of 19.6% through 2031, so there will be plenty of work. You can find work in places such as Laboratories, Boarding kennels, Animal shelters, Emergency animal care facilities, and Zoos.

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What function will you perform as a Vet technician?

How Much Does A Vet Tech Make: Discover the Annual Pay

Since you know a vet tech’s salary, the next thing is to understand the functions of vet technicians. 

A vet tech earns a salary for caring for animals. You will need to assist during check-ups by restraining animals. How much does a vet tech make to perform any tasks the veterinarian requests? Vet tech earns at least $27,357 per year to administer medications and vaccinations under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Vet techs must also consult animal owners for an accurate medical history before documenting and filing the medical record. Prospective vet technicians should be passionate about working with animals. They should also feel comfortable and relaxed about handling animals and administering treatments.

You should note that they are not proficient in performing many procedures on animals. Still, they’re qualified to assist veterinarians with complex systems and surgeries. Vet tech’s salary allows them to be friendly with pet owners while speaking with them. It’ll help to address questions regarding diagnosis, medication, and general pet care.

What is the hardest part of being a vet tech?

How Much Does A Vet Tech Make: Discover the Annual Pay

Although a vet tech salary is high, there are some complex parts you should endure. You should be ready to work in physically strenuous environments. This is due to spending a large bunch of the day on feet. Sometimes you’ll need to lift, position, catch or restrain animals. You can overcome this by dressing appropriately for work and caring for their physical health outside the workplace.

Secondly, the high vet tech salary makes it an emotionally challenging job due to working with ill, injured, or distressed animals. You should be able to manage emotionally, challenge the situations, and develop effective coping strategies for dealing with pet owners.

Finally, the juicy vet tech’s salary comes with nonstandard hours, as you’ll need to work nights, weekends, and holidays or be on call in case of emergencies. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential by considering your work schedule and accounting for your obligations.

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