How Much Does An Ultrasound Tech Make

How Much Does An Ultrasound Tech Make?

How Much Does An Ultrasound Tech Make? An experienced Ultrasound Tech makes quite a lot by using sound waves to capture images of human anatomy.

In this blog post, you’ll understand the salary expectation of a diagnostic medical sonographer.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ new report, the national annual average salary of diagnostic medical sonographers is $ 77,740, while the average weekly wage is $ 1,517.

Their salary is higher than other medical technician specializations because they’ll be needed to check for new babies’ blood clots and tumors.

How Much Does An Ultrasound Tech Make? Several factors can influence the pay of an ultrasound technician. These include:

  • Experience
  • Certification
  • Location
  • Education and training
  • Type of facility like a hospital or diagnostic center

Ultrasound technicians will continue to increase as the population ages, and techniques for diagnosing heart disease or other ailments are needed.

How do you become an ultrasound tech?

After knowing how much an ultrasound tech makes, you should know what you need to become one. You can become one through education, clinical work, and passing a certifying exam.

To earn a high ultrasounds tech salary, you should get an associate’s or bachelor’s degree by taking courses in physical and biological science, patient care, medical imaging, and more. The accrediting body for the institution is the Agency on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

To earn the juicy ultrasounds tech salary through the clinical work route, you should complete 960 hours of training or the equivalent of holding a full-time job for six months. It helps students gain experience and allow them to utilize the skills gained in the classroom. It can be in the form of internships and externships with clinical affiliates.

Finally, getting certified can increase your ultrasounds tech salary after meeting the minimum education and clinical training requirements. The three certifying bodies responsible for it are:

  1. American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  2. Cardiovascular Credentialing International
  3. American Registry of Radiologic Technologists

What does an Ultrasound Tech do?

How Much Does An Ultrasound Tech Make

Since you know how much an ultrasound technician makes, you should know it comes with a responsibility to operate special equipment to create images or to conduct tests. 

They carry it out in healthcare settings such as hospitals and offices of physicians. With their communication and interpersonal skills, sonographer support radiologists with ultrasound biopsies and procedures. They are also experts in using equipment to obtain images of the appropriate anatomy for healthcare professionals.

Please note that their imaging machines use sound waves instead of radiation to diagnose specific ailments or follow a fetus’s development during pregnancy.

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What are the high three industries that employ ultrasound techs?

How Much Does An Ultrasound Tech Make

Congratulations, you now have an understanding of ultrasounds tech salary. You should know that the top three industries that employ ultrasound technicians include Healthcare, professional, and Education sector.

Before working in those industries, you should train yourself to listen to what patients and other healthcare professionals are trying to communicate. Plus, how to apply their knowledge accordingly.

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