How To Become A Lash Tech in Four (4) Easy Steps

How To Become A Lash Tech in Four (4) Easy Steps

Do you need answers on how to become a Lash tech that will help with eyelash extension? In this blog post, we’ll break down the education required to build a career in the beauty industry. 

Lash technicians must possess a strong knowledge of the anatomy of the eye and the correct application methods to provide a safe and professional service. Before knowing the steps to take to become a Lash tech, you should be ready to learn about the treatment procedures and the curling process for hair structure. 

Below are how to become a Lash tech within four to twelve weeks.

How To Become A Lash Tech in Four (4) Easy Steps

Step #1: Check your state requirements

You should research the state requirements to learn how to become a lash tech in Florida. Aspiring Lash techs should know that requirements vary from one state to the other.

In some states, you must be a fully licensed cosmetologist to apply for an eyelash certification. At the same time, some prefer candidates to be enrolled in a beauty school program. In the same vein, some areas have specific conditions for the number of hours of lash training to be completed.

Step #2: Enrol in an accredited beauty school

It’s generally accepted that a lash tech should attend a beauty school. It’ll help you to know about general safety and sanitation expectations and develop the skills to provide a range of services to clients.

Step #3: Attend an Accredited Lash Program

Attending a lash program where you’ll get eyelash certification is essential. Such programs offer courses that teach various skills, such as classic or volume extensions, tinting, perming, and lifts. To become a certified lash artist, you must be ready to dedicate your time and effort to practice on models. It’ll help boost your confidence to plan for your first lash business.

Choose an academy with a trainer to boost your confidence and spare you time to plan for your first lash business. With that, you’ll improve your skill in how to apply different types of lashes, such as silk or synthetic. Finally, ensure that you complete your training hours and pass your exam. 

Step #4: Certification and joining a professional association 

In most states, you must apply to take the exam with the state board of cosmetology to become a Certified Lash Technician. After concluding your formal education as a Lash technician, you should join a professional association like The National Eyelash Association and The American Lash Association to network with other lash artists. They’ll gladly answer any questions you have about the job.

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What should a beginner lash tech know?

How To Become A Lash Tech in Four (4) Easy Steps

Apart from certifications, experience, and education, becoming a Lash Tech requires a unique set of qualities that help guarantee the success of the eyelash business. Since you know how to become a Lash tech, there are some mistakes to avoid that will make you successful. 

Don’t spend too much time finding the perfect eyelash, first and foremost. You must start with the baby lashes before proceeding to the longer lashes. Secondly, you should learn to place the eye patches onto the client safely. Finally, always use a map to plan where each lash extension will be placed.

What equipment is needed to start a lash business?

It would help if you had a lot of equipment to start a lash tech business and lash up your clients. These include:

  • A Dairy or Online Booking System 
  • Tweezers & Lash Wands
  • Lash Tape or Pads
  • Eyelash Adhesive
  • Lash Primer
  • Beauty Salon Bed and Pillow
  • Lash Tile
  • Lash Remover
  • High-Quality Lashes

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