How To Become A Xray Tech: Discover the three (3) Accurate Steps

How to Become An X-ray Tech: Discover the Three (3) Accurate Steps

Do you need answers about how to become an X-ray tech that will operate X-ray and other imaging technologies? In this blog post, we’ll break down the education required to build a career in the healthcare industry. 

X-ray technicians are tasked with using X-rays to detect and diagnose health problems such as cancer, broken bones, and other bodily abnormalities. Before knowing the steps to take to become an X-ray tech, you should be working under pressure. 

How To Become A Xray Tech: Discover the three (3) Accurate Steps

Below are how to become an X-ray technician within 24-36 months.

Step #1: Secondary education requirements

The first step to take on your way to becoming an X-ray technician is to earn your general certificate of secondary education (GCSE). Aspiring X-ray techs should fulfill this requirement before applying for any X-ray technician degree course. Some of the undergraduate radiography degree entry requirements include five GCSEs.

Step #2: Postsecondary education requirements

During your postsecondary study, you should enroll in a bachelor’s degree program such as radiography (diagnostic radiography) or radiography (radiotherapy and oncology). With this three years degree, you’ll undergo a mix of study and clinical placement to learn theories and practices. Before applying for the course, check the accredited programs. The Health and Care Professions Council is in charge of that. Lastly, the therapeutic or diagnostic radiographer integrated degree apprenticeship route can be used. With that, you’ll be able to combine work with studying part-time.

Step #3: Certification Process 

In most states, you must collect an X-ray tech certificate from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists to become a Certified X-ray Technician. After completing your formal X-ray technician education, you can also get MRI certification through the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT). Becoming a member of the Society of Radiographers would be best before applying for jobs. Please note that you must register as a practitioner with the HCPC too.

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What skills do you need to be an X-ray technician?

Apart from certifications, experience, and education, becoming an X-ray Technician requires a unique set of qualities that help guarantee the success of patient care. Since you know how to become an X-ray tech, some soft skills will make an X-ray tech successful. 

How To Become A Xray Tech: Discover the three (3) Accurate Steps

Attention to detail is first and foremost. It would help if you dealt with patient care, complex diagnostic machinery, and information collection. It’ll help prepare patients for diagnostic testing, including taking their medical history and explaining the exam.

X-ray techs also need practical communication skills to collaborate with other medical professional teams. Apart from that, it’ll help during stressful patient interactions. Technical proficiency in equipment operation, maintenance, and calibration skills will help you take images and run diagnostic tests through computerized equipment and other testing tools. Finally, it would help if you had good stamina to stay up for an extended period to ensure a detailed and precise image.

How much does an X-ray tech make?

How To Become A Xray Tech: Discover the three (3) Accurate Steps

Aspiring X-ray technicians should expect a growing field that offers higher-than-average pay. According to the BLS, they earned a median annual salary of nearly $77,360 in May 2021. However, the amount you’ll make depends on your years of experience and specialized education and training. Suppose you want to earn a considerable salary. In that case, you should work in top industries such as Outpatient care centers, Medical and diagnostic laboratories, Offices of physicians, and Hospitals, state, local, and private.


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