How To Get To Tech World In Pet Simulator X

How To Get To Tech World In Pet Simulator X

Are you a pet collector on Pet Simulator X? Then it’s essential to know how to get to tech world in Pet Simulator X. 

Pet Simulator X is a game full of enticing tasks and quests for players. The Pet Simulator series on Roblox is majorly about expanding your pet collection. However, entering the tech world will give you access to many new biomes and pets. 

Reaching the fascinating tech world is the next step after exploring most of the biomes in the Spawn and Fantasy worlds. You can access the sleek and high-profile Tech World through a biome called Tech Entry in Pet Simulator X. Where is the Biome entrance for the adventure? It’s in the Glacier of Spawn World. Although, you must spend 7.5B Fantasy Coins to unlock the barrier.

How To Get To Tech World In Pet Simulator X

Below is how to get the currency type needed to enter the tech world.

Way #1: Get into Spawn World

The journey to knowing how to get to the tech world in pet simulator x starts with Spawn World. After you’ve made your way to Glacier World inside the spawn world, look for the giant ice in the middle of a lake. 

After completing the first eight levels of Spawn World, you can hop into the cannon that will shoot you to Fantasy World. Once you gather enough coins, you can also approach the wall for Tech World and press E to purchase entry into the area. After gaining access, you’ll see a large chest with over 4000 trillion health.

Step #2: Unlock Fantasy World

How To Get To Tech World In Pet Simulator X

If you want to know how to get to the tech world in pet simulator x, you should travel to a fantasy world. You can access it via the giant cannon after you complete Spawn World. Fantasy World is at the back of the Cave that needs 250M Coins to open. After entering this world, you can start farming Fantasy Coins in the Enchanted Forest. Once you get 7.5B Fantasy Coins in Fantasy World, ascent into the cannon behind the chest and blast yourself to Tech World in Pet Simulator X.

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How to earn Fantasy Points in Pet Simulator X?

Since you know getting fantasy points is how to get to the tech world in pet simulator x, there are some ways to get Fantasy Points quickly. These include:

  • Purchasing Fantasy Coins Boosts from the Exclusive Shop. It can help you get thrice more Fantasy Coins while doing routine activities. 
  • Grind chests in the Ancient Island of the Fantasy World.
  • Enchant your pets from the Enchanted Forest of Fantasy World. 
  • Trade Sumari Eggs with friends and strive to have many Golden Pets.

What is the top pet in pet simulator X in the tech world?

Pet Simulator X game on Roblox is primarily about buying, trading, and growing pets. How to get pets in Islands Roblox? Players will collect coins and gems to unlock the pets for them. The coins are also crucial for hatching the pets from the eggs and purchasing new biomes. The pets in this game are unique based on different features and prices.

The most valuable and top pet in Pet Simulator X is Huge Storm Agony, and you can hatch it from exclusive pets’ eggs on a 0.5% chance. It’s also worth 1.2 trillion diamonds. It’s followed closely by a colossal pony pet, which costs 600 billion gems. The pet can be hatched from an egg at a 1.5% chance. In the Tech world, you can find metal eggs, tech eggs, and titanium eggs.

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