What Does A Surgical Tech Do Best with Pride?

What Does A Surgical Tech Do Best with Pride?

What does a surgical tech do best during a surgical operation? In this article, we’ll talk about the functions of surgical technologists. 

Also called operating room technicians, surgical technologists prepare operating rooms, arrange equipment, and help doctors and first assistants during surgeries. Before knowing what a surgical tech does best, you should have teamwork and collaborative skills. It’ll come in handy while working with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses in the operating room. 

 The work of surgical techs is suitable for those interested in working in the operating room (OR) but isn’t interested in medical or nursing school. The roles of surgical technologists are divided into three sections:

#1: Pre-surgery functions

What does a surgical tech do best before surgery? Before surgery, a surgical tech will receive a list of required supplies for the upcoming procedure and ensure delivery. The list will entail the surgeon’s preferences and organizing the OR. After which, the opening of the sterile processing area will follow to check whether the autoclaves are working correctly. Finally, the best thing a surgical tech will do before surgery is to apply sterile drapes around the patient.

#2: Functions during surgery

What Does A Surgical Tech Do Best with Pride?

What does a surgical tech do best during surgery? It’s to keep the operating room sterile and pass surgical instruments to assist the surgeon. They need to be on their A-game as the life of the patients depends on it. 

You’ll also need to help retract tissues from the surgical patient and also think one step ahead before the surgeon asks. After the doctor is through with the surgery, surgical technologists will consider the sponges, needles, and other materials used after each closure layer.

#3: Post-surgery functions

Since the operation is over, what does a surgical tech do? Surgical technologists will wrap up the procedure by applying bandages to the patients and removing them from the operating room.

They also maintain the sterile environment of the OR until the patient is brought to the recovery room. It’ll help to lower the risks of infections. Finally, they’ll take the dirty instruments to the contaminated area of sterile processing so the sterile processing department (SPD) tech can clean the tools appropriately.

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Where do most surgical techs work?

What Does A Surgical Tech Do Best with Pride?

Bureau of Labor Statistics states that most surgical techs work in hospital operating rooms, outpatient centers, and doctors’ offices. The reason is the time spent in the operating room, preparing for, assisting with, and cleaning up after surgeries. 

As of 2021, 72% of surgical techs work in state, local, or private hospitals. However, their work is physically challenging, and they must work full-time. Plus, they may be on duty during nights, weekends, and holidays. While working in the operating room, they must wear scrubs, sterile gowns, gloves, caps, and masks.

What is the highest-paid surgical tech?


After getting certified as a surgical tech, you should know the highest-paid surgical tech job before specializing. The best news is that you can earn up to $276,000 annually as a Surgical Neurophysiologist. Following up is the Cardiovascular Surgical Tech and Cardiovascular Operating Room Technician. No matter which job you apply for, you should know that the job market is active for surgical technologists.

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